November 2016

Pre-K Newsletter

November 2016 Mrs. McEntire

  The holiday season is a great time to begin or reinforce family traditions.  Traditions cultivate a connection with immediate family members, extended families, blended families, and the generations within our families.  Because traditions have meanings that are special to a family, they create feelings of closeness and warmth.  By spending time in a fun and special setting, family members grow closer.  Traditions are handed down from generation to generation, but every family can create its own traditions as well.  Thanksgiving is often a time when families gather for the traditional feast.  This is a great time to listen to and share stories with all ages.  Be sure to include your children as you share your family history.

  Take some family photos this Thanksgiving.  Record your traditions and family stories before they are soon forgotten.  If you are taking digital photos, don’t forget to print a few pictures as they are fun to pass around in years to come.

  As a parent advocate, I want to communicate with parents and help you feel comfortable with school and the classroom.  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at or call me at your child’s school.  I have enjoyed meeting many of you on our recent field trips and I will meet the rest of you in the next few weeks.  


HALF DAY    Nov.4th  PM Class attends

Nov. 9th MVS Visits Live 2 Bounce

HALF DAY    Nov.10th  AM Class attends

NO SCHOOL Nov.11th Veterans’ Day

ANS,CES, & MVS Trolls Movie Nov. 18th 9:15-12N

CES Fall Family Fun Day Nov. 21st AM 10:20/PM 2:20

ANS Fall Family Fun Day Nov. 22nd AM 10:20/PM 2:20

NO SCHOOL  Nov. 23, 24, & 25 Thanksgiving Recess