October 2016


October 2015                                                              Mrs. McEntire

Our first field trip will be to Live 2 Bounce in Burdick’s Drivers Village in Cicero, NY. It is on the 2nd floor located between Mazda & Lincoln.  It is a fun indoor bounce and play area which encourages physical activity and coordination.

Some parents have asked if younger siblings may come-the answer is yes.  The cost is $6.50 but please remember you are responsible for their supervision.

Afternoon classes will ride the bus to school in the morning.

No breakfast will be served at school but we will provide a bag lunch for each Pre-K student.

Only parents may sign out a child from Live 2 Bounce. We will ask for ID. All others will ride the bus back to school & may be signed out by anyone listed on their blue card. There is NO Pre-K bus transportation home that day.

We will let you know about riding the bus as chaperones as soon as we know who has been Board approved.  Otherwise you can just meet us there & join the fun!

Annsville - Oct. 20th

Camden-Oct. 27th

McConnellsville –Nov. 9th

  Halloween can be a fun and exciting time, but for many small children it can also be scary and fearful.  Scary movies on TV, costumes, haunted houses, and talk of monsters may be fine for adults and older children, but young children may not be able to understand the difference between make believe and reality.  Please be sure to only expose your child to age appropriate activities.  Assure your child that he or she can discuss fears with you openly without feeling embarrassed.  Being listened to with understanding and respect may be enough to calm their fears.  Helping a child understand what is real and what is pretend will give your child reassurance and confidence.

Dates to Remember

Oct. 10th-NO SCHOOL-Columbus Day

Oct. 21st-No School Supt. Conference Day

Oct. 26th-McConnellsville Fall Family Fun Day

Oct. 28th-1/2 Day PM Attends

Oct. 31st-1/2 Day AM Attends

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail me at gmcentire@camdencsd.org.

Mrs. McEntire