Committee on Special Education

The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) includes:

1. Chairperson - district representative

2. Special education provider(s) of the child - or evaluator if it is an initial meeting

3. Regular education teacher of the child - if the child is attending a preschool program (HeadStart, etc..) and the teacher is available to attend
4. Parent(s) of the child
5. Others with knowledge or expertise may also be invited. Parents may invite anyone they wish to attend. Please let the office know, in order to include them on the invite list.

The Purpose of CPSE
The purpose of CPSE is to determine if a child is a "preschooler with a disability" as outlined by New York State. Please go to this weblink to access the preschool brochure and further information:
In order to qualify as a Preschooler With a Disability(PWD), the child:

"shall exhibit a significant delay or disability in one or more functional areas related to cognitive, language and communication, adaptive, socio-emotional or motor development which adversely affects the student's ability to learn. Such delay shall be documented by the results of the individual evaluation."
In order to qualify for special education services, a child must exhibit/demonstrate one of the following:

1. 12-month delay in one or more areas;
2. 33% delay in one area OR 25% delay in each of two areas;