District Director of Special Education: Mrs. Tamalin Martin

Assistant Director of Special Education: Mr. Nick Pulizzi

Office Staff: Mrs. Chris Clements, Ms. Lisa Wandell

District Wide Related Service Staff:


  • Mrs. Janice Plumley
  • Mrs. Edythe Russell
  • Mrs. Teresa Stowell-Hollis

Speech-Language Therapy:

  • Mrs. Betty Hogeboon
  • Mrs. Marla Koelbel
  • Mrs. Kaitlin Lindsley
  • Mrs. Jaqueline Kimball

Occupational Therapy:

  • Mrs. Shannon Bell
  • Mrs. Kathleen Lucason
  • Mrs. Kari Cieslak
Contract services: (Part-time supports)

Physical Therapy: MO-BOCES (Tina Brown - District Wide)

Educational Audiology: CITI Oswego BOCES (AnnMarie Martin -District Wide)

Teacher of the Hearing Impaired: MO-BOCES (Mr. Paul Mancerella -District Wide)