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Efficiency Study

Camden Central School District Residents,

The Camden Central School District Board of Education utilized the services of Dr. Paul Seversky, as an educational consultant, to explore the issues associated with our declining student enrollment and reductions in fiscal resources. Dr. Seversky conducted his Efficiency Study for the entire 2011 - 2012 school year, with the results reported out in June. As part of the Efficiency Study's process, Dr. Seversky facilitated a Community Focus Group activity to review the findings of his study and use resident district taxpayers to help draw some conclusions.  26 resident taxpayers from the Camden Central School District took part in the 6.5 hour Focus Group activity held at Camden High School. The members of the Focus Group shared their thoughts and concerns in a candid, open and respectful manner. The following document provides the reader with an overview of the study, highlights from the Focus Group's work, a Rank Order of identified Options from the Study and the observations of Dr. Seversky. During a Special Board of Education meeting held at the District Office on September 24th, 2012 the Board of Education reviewed the findings of the Focus Group's work identified in the document and has now posted the entire document on our web site for you to review.

Please contact Mrs. Mary Lynne Szczerba, Superintendent of Schools at 245-4075 with any questions.

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