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Business Office

Karl R. Keil
Karl R. Keil 
Assistant Superintendent
for Business
Phone: (315) 245-1024 
Karen Jones
Karen Jones
District Treasurer
Phone: (315) 245-4086 
Melissa Lopez
Melissa Lopez
Human Resources
Phone: (315) 245-5307
Melissa Yager
Melissa Yager
Payroll &
Employee Benefits
Phone: (315) 245-1024
Anne Sochia
Anne Sochia
Accounts Payable
Phone: (315) 245-4084


Annual District Budget

The 2018-2019 School Budget  information is available for download below.

District Records & Information

Available thru the District Office at 51 Third Street Camden New York, 13316 (315)245-1024.

Record Access Officer – Karl Keil, Assistant Superintendent for Business (315)245-1024.

Denial to receive records may be appealed to the Superintendent

Employee Benefits 

Delta Dental of New York: 1(800)932-0783
Davis Vision: 1(800)999-5431

NYS Comptroller's "Report Of Examination" and Corrective Action Plan

The State Comptroller has filed the "Report Of Examination" for the period of July 1, 2014-September 30, 2015 the report is avialble for download.  

The Camden Central School District approved the attached Corrective Action Plan for the Office of State Comptroller Audit 2016M-51 at their regular Board meeting on October 11, 2016. The plan is available for download.

Solar Production

Live Feed

Water Testing


December 8, 2016 Update: 
The District completed the NYS required testing for Camden High School water outlets on October 18, 2016 and the results were received for review today December 8, 2016. We have attached a link to the summary report for the building ( High School Results). 
The results that were above the 15ug/L are as follows:
2 – Custodial closet hose bibbs
23 – Science lab sinks
1 – Science room prep sink
1 – Bathroom sink

Total: 27 outlets

None of the aforementioned outlets would have, or should be, used for personal water consumption.

All 27 outlets will receive signage to reiterate that they should not be used for consumption.

Should you have any further questions, you may contact our District Wide Safety Coordinator, Karl Keil, at the District Office at 315-245-1024.

The district expects additional results from the Middle School later this week and the next step of a comprehensive testing of the High School is scheduled also for this week. Results back from the High School will take about three weeks.

High School Lab Summary Report

Karl Keil, Assistant Superintendent for Business
P: 315.245.2500
F: 315.245.1622
A: 51 Third Street,
Camden NY 13316