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Dr. Ravo Root
Dr. Ravo Root
Camden Central School District
Superintendent of Schools
(315) 245-4075

Dear Camden School Communities, Parents and Students:

Recently, our school district lost a close member of our family, Lindsay Melancon.   Lindsay was a smart, beautiful, kind and caring student who will be missed by her family, our district and community.  Since the evening of Lindsay’s passing and still to this day, we have partnered with Mr. and Mrs. Melancon to offer our support.  The Melancon family will need the continued support of our school district and community moving forward.  We are prepared to continue that support and have agreed to work together in order to find ways for the family and community to come together and heal collectively.

Given the tragic passing of Lindsay, it is understandable that there are questions that may never be answered.  At this time, our local community, school district and churches have chosen to focus their efforts on providing hope and healing for the family, our students, staff and the community at large.  We ask that you join our efforts in support of hope and healing as opposed to blaming others on social media.  Sharing and believing misleading information on social media is both harmful and detrimental to our students, the school district and community.  Rumors shared on social media are often used to foster divisiveness, resentment and anger when we really need to focus on unity, caring and love for each other and the Melancon family. 

It is important to know that two of our local churches, Abundant Life Community Church and the United Methodist Church, as well as local mental health professionals have rallied in support of our students, staff and the Melancon family as we struggle to deal with the tremendous grief associated with a tragedy of this magnitude.  Camden is a special community where we truly care for and support each other, especially in times of tragedy.  This is one of those times and it is why we ask that you respond by providing nothing but care and support for the Melancon family, friends of Lindsay, our students and staff.  

We understand that the pain and suffering felt as a result of this tragedy will be with us for a long time.  We are prepared to continue to support the mental health needs of our students and we have a comprehensive plan to accomplish that goal.  Our school district is partnering with Ms. Jessica Perusse, a local Licensed Certified Social Worker, who will run a grief group over the summer for any students interested in attending.  If you are interested in either of these opportunities or have a concern about your student, please contact Mrs. Janice Plumley, School Psychologist at 315-245-1249.
Camden Central School District will always partner with the community and come together to do what is best for our students while working to meet both their individual and collective needs.  We know you will partner with us to do the same.  Thank you to the Camden community for all of the love and support everyone continues to provide for the Melancon family, our students and staff members.  They are hurting and need our compassion and kindness.  

**Below, we have provided guidance and resources for parents to use when talking with their students about death.  We sent these resources home with students on the last day of school. 

Dr. Ravo Root, Superintendent of Camden Central Schools