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Discovery Expo

Students at Camden Elementary are discovery experts! They conducted experiments, researched in depth topics, and shared out what they learned! 

Read Across America

Camden Elementary celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday on National Read Across America Day. Students and staff dressed up as their favorite Seuss characters, were led on a scavenger hunt throughout the whole school, and participated in "Drop Everything and Read", where everyone dropped what they were doing to read a good book

Music Class Fun

Students in Mrs. Runfola’s 3rd Grade class learned to perform “I Don’t Care If The Rain Comes Down” on the xylophone.They worked in groups to decode the note names, learn the music, practice, and decide who would perform each part. Not only did they play well, but the also did an excellent job working together and taking turns.

Book Reviews & Trailers 

Holiday Celebrations

Syracuse Stage Visits Camden Elementary 

Students from Syracuse Stage visited Camden Elementary and presented "Miss Electricity"- a story of 
kindness and friendship. Students watched in awe and learned some behind the scenes tips and tricks
to putting on a play. 



Skype Virtual Field Trip to the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum

4th graders have been researching various aircrafts in Mrs. Thomas' reading group. They completed several
science experimetns to learn about flying machines. The unit concluded with a Skype virtual field trip to the
Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Musem where students "walked" throughout the museum with a personal guide.
They learned about various historical airplanes, the forces of motion that allow planes to fly, and saw several exhibits. 


Author Visit at CES

Children's author Julia Finley Mosca visited CES on Thursday 11/15. She is the author of several books, including The Girl Who 
Thought in Pictures: The Story of Dr. Temple Grandin 
and others in the Amazing Scientists series. Prior to the visit, students 
read her books and studied Dr. Temple Grandin. During the presentation, Finley Mosca talked to the students about kindness and
how Grandin and other scientists inspire her. As one student, Justin M., said after the visit: "I loved the presentation and 
she inspired me to become a scientist as well!". 

Principal Read-Aloud

Mrs. Paul's 4th grade classroom had a very special guest reader, none other than Mr. Ferretti!
Mr. Ferretti has been reading to many of the classrooms at Camden Elementary to encourage
a love of reading and to show that even the principal enjoys a good story! 

Building in the Library

Thanks to the donation of grants, the library has several STEAM building activities available.
Students have fun while learning engineering strategies and team building. 


4th Grade Field Trip to Potato Hill Farm

4th grade attended a field trip to Potato Hill where they learned all out NYS and its deciduous trees and landscapes
(bog, meadow, pasture, forest) as well as recognizing differs aspects of nature.

Halloween at CES

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