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SSAE Grant at Camden Middle School

The Camden School District is a co-recipient of a Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant which facilitates after school modules for students in Grades K-8. All modules are taught by Camden faculty. Session 1, which starts in early January, is offered to students in grades 2-8. Session 2, which is offered from March to June, expands the age range of our program to students in grades K-8. Below is a description of what students are learning in Session 1.

CMS Journalism Club

There are hundreds of stories walking around Camden Middle School everyday, and it is our duty to share them. The mission of the CMS Journalism Club is to encourage students to take an interest in, and write about, what is happening around our school.  Whether you would like to be on-air talent and report the news, or take a behind-the-scenes role doing interviews, camera operation, sound, or editing, we would love for you to join our team.



Selfie Expression

An artful celebration of yourself! You will be utilizing many different types of art materials, working in both 2D and 3D in a fun and exciting environment. The projects we will be exploring will expand your knowledge through visual thinking strategies, enhance your skills and incorporate goal setting, personal growth and individual expression.

World Languages

Open the door to the world around you! World Explorers will experience songs, languages, foods and customs from around the globe. Emphasis will be placed on communication, overcoming stereotypes and celebrating diversity. Students will use multi-media and personal interviews to discover similarities and differences between communities around the world and record experiences in a trip scrapbook or blog-style format.
P: 315.245.2500
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A: 51 Third Street,
Camden NY 13316