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CMS Holds Annual Science Fair

Congratulations to all participants of the Camden Middle School Science Fair that was held on February 13th.  The winners are as follows:
5th grade
People's Choice Award: Rylee Smith with Colors: Sink or Float?
3rd place - Kylie Tennant with Bubble Gum
2nd place - Bella Keller with Biolpastic
1st place - Lucas Van Allen with Popcorn
6th grade
People's Choice Award: Mackenzie Keil with Construction Destruction
3rd place - Thomas Potter with It's Not Magic
2nd place - Landon Wiedemann with Bubbly Blast Bubble Gum
1st place - Ellie Hite with Erosion
7th grade
People's Choice Award: Eric Sommerville with Acid Rain
3rd place - Kyle Halbritter and Ryan Leos with Extracting Iron from Different Types of Cereal
2nd place - Spencer Misner with The Messy Business of Gear Ratios
1st place - Eric Sommerville with Acid Rain
8th grade
People's Choice Award: Aurora Mariano with Sports vs. Regular
3rd place - Connor Perrotta with Faults Hypothesis
2nd place - Jaelyn Flatt with Tired? It Could be Your Phone
1st place - Katie Hit with Polish it On

Click here for pictures of student projects.