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Congratulations to the Top Ten Students in the Class of 2019!

The Camden Central School District congratulates all of our Top Ten Students on their academic achievements.
            Maiya Turner is the Valedictorian of the Class of 2019. She is the daughter of James and Heidi Turner of Taberg. After graduation Maiya plans to attend the University of Buffalo to study a Mathematics/Engineering/STEM related major. Maiya’s goals are to have an enjoyable career that allows her to be financially stable. She wants to be content with her life and help others.

            Carly VanAllen is the Salutatorian of the Class of 2019. She is the daughter of William and Melissa VanAllen of Blossvale. After graduation Carly plans to attend SUNY Alfred to study Radiologic Technology. Carly’s goals are to have a career that she finds fulfilling and enjoyable. She also wants to travel and meet new people.
3rd – Emma Hilts is the daughter of Amy Dust of Camden. Emma is currently undecided about her college choice but she plans to study Mathematics and Computer Science. Her goals are to complete her undergraduate degree, travel the world, and then settle in a career and community with her family.
4th – Jenna VanAllen is the daughter of William and Melissa VanAllen of Blossvale.  Jenna plans to attend SUNY Canton to study Veterinary Science Technology. Her goals are to enjoy her work and leave every day feeling happy that she made an impact in someone’s life.
5th – Abigail Walker is the daughter of Chad and Jennifer Walker of Camden.  Abigail plans to attend SUNY Oswego to study Early Childhood Education. Her goals are to make a positive impact on children by teaching them through methods that appeal to them and travel to see the many beautiful sights in the world.
6th – Andromeda Yahoudy-Macner is the daughter of Jeri Yahoudy of Taberg.  Andromeda is currently undecided regarding her college choice but she plans to pursue Biology as her major. Her goals include studying abroad during college, achieving her Doctor of Medicine degree and become a member of the Doctors Without Borders organization.She wants to provide equal opportunity to healthcare.
7th – Winnie Zhang is the daughter of Jian Hao and Jin Ping Zhang of Camden.  Winnie plans to attend Ithaca College to study International Business. Her goals are to earn her college degree and find a good job that allows her to travel the world.
8th – Thomas DeLosh is the son of Shelley DeLosh of Camden.  Thomas plans to attend SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry to study Paper Engineering.  His goals are to earn his college degree quickly so he can retire early.
9th – Erin Bourgeois is the daughter of Rachel Clifford and Michael Bourgeois of Blossvale.  Erin plans to attend SUNY Cortland to study Exercise Science.  Her goals are to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and work with athletes preferably at the Olympic level.
10th – Samuel Dunfield is the son of Scott Dunfield of Blossvale.  Samuel plans to attend Rochester Institute of Technology to study Environment Studies/Engineering. His goals are to have an enjoyable career that gives him the freedom to have a full life.