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Jr. Science Olympiad Scores 6th Overall at Competition

Congratulations to the middle school's Science Olympiad team!  They placed 6th place at their regional competition at North Syracuse Junior High.  Records were broken for several events and number of medals earned and the team tied for their highest overall rank of 6th!

These are the results:

Ryleigh Johnson & Maleigha Coffie in Anatomy & Physiology 10th place
Koen Turner & Katie Hite in Battery Buggy 3rd place
Jerome Seidl & Ryleigh Johnson in Boomilever 9th
Morgan Keil & Quin Wing in Circuit lab 13th
Connor Perrotta & Lily Piersall in Crime Busters 7
Lily Piersall & Koen Turner in Density Lab 15
Emma Watson & Connor Perrotta in Disease Detectives 6
Mackenzie Keil & Emily Bird in Duct Tape Challenge 2
Devyn Dewan & Kevin Gloude in Dynamic Planet 13
Morgan Keil & Lily Piersall in Elastic Launched Glider 3
Morgan Keil, Katie Hite & Quin Wing in Experimental Design 3
Katie Hite & Kaitlyn Findlay in Fossils 16
John Wines & Koen Turner in Game On 4 
Kevin Gloude & Devyn Dewan in Heredity 18
Devyn Dewan & Kevin Gloude in Herpetology 11
Quin Wing & Maleigha Coffie in Meteorology 15
Marjorie Castilla & Jerome Seidl in Mystery Architecture 5
Nathan Hurd, Wendy Kierpiec and Brittany Pippen in Parasitology 11
Emma Watson & Marjorie Castilla in Potions & Poisons 5
Jerome Seidl & Katie Hite in Road Scholar 3
Connor Perrotta & Kaitlyn Findlay in Roller Coaster 6
Maleigha Coffie, Devyn Dewan & Marjorie Castilla in Sci Tech Bowl 9
Koen Turner & Kaitlyn Findlay in Solar System 5
John Wines & Lily Piersall in Thermodynamics 3
Ryleigh Johnson & Quin Wing in Water Quality 11
Morgan Keil & Ryleigh Johnson in Write It Do It 7