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McConnellsville Elementary Raises $750 for the Humane Society of Rome Through "Pennies for Puppies!"

Mrs. Shelley Malenowski's third grade IFA reading group of 12 students at McConnellsville Elementary  recently read Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, which is about a boy who rescues a dog from an abusive owner. The students were concerned about animal welfare and safety, so they researched about animal rescues and SPCAs, and decided to do a service project for the Humane Society of Rome.  We called it "Pennies for Puppies," and ran it for 9 school days from November 13-26th. We set a goal for $250, which we surpassed the 2nd day. We then set a goal for $300, then $400, then $500, then $600. When all the coins were counted on the last day, we had reached $742.70!! When the afternoon custodian came in at 3:00pm, she gave us the last $7.30 so that we could announce at the end of the day that we had reached an even $750!
The director of the Humane Society of Rome visited our school on Thursday, December 5th to receive a check from our school. She brought "Marley", an amazingly friendly pit-bull mix, who let all 12 students pet him and feed him treats!  We learned that our amazing donation of $750 is being doubled by their benefactor during December, so we are effectively donating $1500!!