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Student/Parent F.A.Q.’s

Student/Parent F.A.Q.’s
Updated April 22, 2020
Modifications in BLUE
What are the Continuous Learning Lessons?  
These are lessons that will be delivered to students via electronic means. 
  • The lessons will be available for download and upload. 
  • Complete lessons when convenient as they do not need to be completed during normal class times.  
  • Some teachers may have a class check-in (via technology).  These are encouraged but students won’t be penalized if they are not able to participate.   Again, this is an additional unmeasured opportunity that does not reflect overall student performance. 
The lessons have been broken down with the following timeframes:
PreK-1: 30 minutes per day along with read-alouds, read-alongs, or independent reading (in addition to students working on their learning packets for approximately an hour).
Gr. 2-4:   2 hours per day along read-alouds, read-alongs, or independent reading/writing
Gr. 5-8:   2.5-3 hours per day along with independent reading/writing
  • Approx. 20-30 minutes per subject
Gr. 9-12:  3-4 hours per day along with independent reading/writing
  • Approx. 20-30 minutes per subject
*Note: These are totals for the whole day, not per subject.
Is this work optional?
No - this work is valuable and important to ensure that students are prepared for their return to school and for the next grade level or course.
How will student work be graded?
Teachers will provide ongoing feedback and they will record all submitted assignments.  However, no numerical grades will be given.  Instead, all assignments will be rated either PASS or PROGRESSING.    

What about retention and failures? 
Administration will evaluate each instance and take into consideration the unprecedented nature of these times.  

What about NYS assessments for 3rd-8th grade students and Regents testing? 
The state has cancelled the NYS assessments in ELA, Math and Science for 3rd through 8th grade students as well as the Regents Exams for this school year.
Were new packets sent out to students? 
A second round of packets were recently sent to students in PreK, Kindergarten and first grade students only.  There is no expectation that another round beyond this one will occur in the foreseeable future.
Why are some levels still continuing with learning packets?  
Due to the nature of the type of learning which occurs at the PreK-1st grade levels, it was decided that this approach would be most beneficial to these students.   
Why can’t we all continue with that method?
Unfortunately, the assembling and distributing packets would require more interpersonal contact.  In the interest of personal safety,  we are making every effort to maximize student’s accessibility to electronic means of instruction.  
Will report cards from the 3rd quarter be sent home for middle school and elementary students?
Report cards have been completed and will be mailed home May 1st.