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CHS Students Perform in Virtual Play

Camden high school students perform in virtual play. Check out the video here: 


Students were able to select monologues and sonnets from The English Speaking Union's High School monologue and sonnet selections used for the National High School Shakespeare Competition. These are a collection of all of Shakespeare's sonnets and some of his most mentionable monologues from his most famous plays. The students rehearsed virtually from October until February when we were finally able to record on stage, thanks to the help of several people mentioned below. 

Cast List

Lilly Whipple

Cael Sullivan

Ethan Smith

Marley Hilliker

Layla Killino

Zoe Scribner

Madison Bird

Kiara Burton

Emily Dimitriadis

Lee Diehl

Evan Youngs

Marissa Hook

Chad Tefft

Renee Hook

Chloe Simmons

Trevor Young

Harrison Klun


Production Crew: 

Directed by: Stephanie Heath

Produced by: Steve Stelmashuk

Student Director: Cael Sullivan

Filming by: Steve Klepadlo

Editing by: Tim Schad

Business Manager: Steve Stelmashuk 

Lights by: Kimberly Bird & Tim Schad 

Sound by: Cael Sullivan 

Costume & Set Design: Stephanie Heath 

Stagehand: Breanna Holland 



A Special Thank you to:

Chris Centner

Dr. Ravo Root

Tim Schad

Kim Bird

Joni Deperno-Zahas and Utica Players

Steve Klepadlo and Broadway of Utica

Robin Edkin~ “Shakespeare Extraordinaire” 

Steve Stelmashuck

Nathan Heath


CHS Drama Club