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Camden Middle School Marching Band on Memorial Day

On Monday, 5/31/21,  Camden Middle School Marching Band was a part of the annual Memorial Day Celebration at the Taberg American Legion.  The 2021 Marching Band looked much different this year as band students needed to be socially distanced when playing instruments.  Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Morehouse, and Mrs. Stowell Hollis decided to do a bucket drum ensemble with Colorguard so that interested musicians could have a way to serve their community safely this Spring! 

This year, the band was comprised of 30 students across grades 5-8.  Students represented Camden Middle School with pride.  Marching Band students and directors would like to thank Angie Kirk, Legion Commander, for the invitation and support of our students.

Please click here for pictures and here for a short video of the students performance