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PICTURES NOW AVAILABLE! CHS Amnesty Club: Camden Canine Crown


On Sunday, February 10th, the CHS Amnesty Club hosted its 3rd Annual Camden Canine Crown. The event consists of many activities including a canine fashion and talent show, various demonstrations, and a local pet business and humane society expo.

The CHS Amnesty Club thanks all of the businesses that participated in the business expo portion of the event which kicked off at 1:00pm. Some exhibitors included Oak Tree Advertising Promotions, Thirty-One with Debbie Hetherington, Scentsy with Santana Grant, and several other local craft vendors and artisans. Community groups such as the         Oseola 4-H club and Cornell Companions Therapeutic Dogs exhibited on the various ways animals can make our lives healthy and whole.

Several local humane societies attended the event with a large showing of adoptable pets from Rescue Me K-9 from Oneida. The Rescue Me K-9 dogs and handlers even participated in the fashion show. The Humane Society of Rome sent a local volunteer with a lovable, docile adoptable dog named Spencer that many people enjoyed getting kisses from. The whole purpose of the event is to educate the community on local businesses, humane societies, and adoptable pets in the area. The proceeds of the event are to benefit the CHS Amnesty Club, but the students always seem to want to donate most of the money they bring in. After their meeting on February 15th, the students of the Amnesty Club have voted to make a donation of $125 to each of the following local humane societies: Rescue Me K-9, The Humane Society of Rome, and Wanderers Rest from Canastota for a total donation of $375.

While the business expo was ongoing, the event was a family friendly event filled with information, showmanship, raffles, and entertainment. Camden Teachers Association Retiree, Peggy Metcalf did a demonstration for a competitive dog sport known as Rally. This consisted of a 25’x25’ course mapped out with orange cones and commands. At each marker, Peggy would give her dog a command, which would happily complete the task and move onto the next marker. The audience was impressed with the skill level and seemed surprised that the dog would be able to complete so many skills in such a short time.

The Fashion and Talent Show brought in audience participation and gave the dogs and their owners a chance to bring some healthy competition to the event. The Fashion Show saw several adorable entries, but in the end the Judges were able to find a winner. The Rescue Me K-9 adoptable Cockapoo Maggie won 2nd place in the fashion show, but the “Most Fashionable” dog was Nora Mabel “Shug” owned by Camden HS Alum Aubrey Coon, who came home from Hamilton College just to attend the show. “Shug” wore a valentine’s sweetheart outfit hand made by Aubrey, both the dog and Aubrey stole the “hearts” of the judges with her happy go lucky stroll across the “dog-walk”.

Between the Fashion and Talent show, the energetic Kathy Lynch from the Eli Parker Community Center led an interactive Zumba Performance that called audience members down to the gym floor to start shaking things up. Kathy taught the audience participants several Zumba exercise moves and added those moves to the music. She reminded the audience that if you interested in taking a class, your first class is free so you can try it out.

While the fashion show was well attended, many people seemed to shy away from showing off their skills in the talent show. The talent show is meant to be a laid back, informal event where owners can showcase what “talents” or tricks their dogs have learned. Dogs and puppies have completed tricks that range from “sit” and “stay” to a full out routine that had several skills included. The 3rd place prize went to Jake and Cooper, a puppy duo act that will be a force to be reckoned with next year. These 7 and 4 month old puppies owned by Nigel Meagher attempted a double paw shake and double jump for a treat. Although they were very young, they are already showing great promise after only a week of training on this trick. Second place went to the 1 year old Black Lab Daphne owned by Ken and Brandi Hurd for her ability to sit-lay-rollover trick. Finally the impressive and devoted 4 year old Golden Retriever, Bella Mia, owned by the Hill Family, stole the show with what her owner described as “basic obedience and tricks”. If you ask anyone who attended the event, they would tell you that Bella Mia exceeded expectations and was anything but “basic”.

The event concluded with the awards ceremony for both the Fashion and Talent show as well as various raffle drawings with community member and CHS staff member Benita Nicui. Benita held a 50/50 raffle and basket raffle with an entire table full of items. Benita fundraised over $300 between the two raffles and donated all of the money to the CHS Amnesty Club. The CHS Amnesty club wants to thank Benita for all of her time and hard work. CHS Amnesty Club also thanks Kim Williams, who won the 50/50 and even donated the money back to the club. Additionally, attendees of the event donated $60 specifically to the Humane Society of Rome as well as a large collection of items to be delivered to them soon. Ms. Clarke, the CHS Amnesty Club advisor and students who participated in the event are also grateful for donations to be sold at the concession stand from Terry Holmes and Mrs. Brenda LaGatta. Also assisting in the event was Loretta Hickok and Mrs. Buckingham. The judges of the event were CHS faculty Mrs. Cittadino, Ms. Ray, Mrs. Bloomquist, and our kid judges Mary and LeRyiah Buckingham. Amnesty Club sends a special thank you to the amazing Master of Ceremonies, CHS teacher, Ms. Sents who kept the show moving.

The CHS Amnesty Club advisor, Jessica Clarke, thanks the many people whom make this event a success. “Without the assistance of so many people, this event would not have become what it has after three years. We look forward to continuing the event in the future and hope people will plan to attend our   4th Annual Camden Canine Crown next year on Sunday, February 9, 2014.”

There were so many students who were instrumental in making the show a success. Amnesty Club President Hannah Francisco, Vice President Alexis Ferrare, Secretary Tabitha Westcott, and Treasurer Izii Conrad did a lot of behind the scenes planning and leading the group. Amnesty Club members assisted in many ways on the day of the event and include Shiann Sawyer, Jennifer Hickok, Ryan Martin, Jake Clark, Dakota Russell, Ben Francisco, Mecca Underwood, Faith Harosia, Hayley Clark and Breanna Marshall and new member Ryan Lisenko,

If anyone is interested in participating next year or assisting in some way, please contact Ms. Jessica Clarke at or at CHS 315-245-3168. We are always looking for businesses to participate in the expo as well as groups that might be interested in showing off their local business as well. CHS Amnesty Club takes pride in organizing an event that incorporates Camden’s love of their pets with fun, laughter, and community.


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