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McConnellsville 2nd Grade Learns About 'Balto'

Mrs. Holmes' second grade class in McConnellsville recently participated in a video conference with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History (CMNH). The video conference talked about the famed tale of the sled dog "Balto" and dog sledding in general. Mrs. Holmes and her class were even mentioned on the CMNH website following the conference.


Here is a description of the event from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History website:


Why is this famous husky from Alaska found at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History? Join our historians for this heroic tale of dogs and mushers in Alaska from the 1925 Serum Run to the Iditarod of today. Discover facts about the disease diphtheria, and why the outbreak in Nome, Alaska is so famous. Experience how humans and huskies survive in harsh Arctic conditions today by trying on authentic Iditarod gear! Uncover the Cleveland connection to Balto and how he has become the "spokesdog" for this unique event in US history.


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