CMS Science Fair

CMS Science Fair
Posted on 02/14/2018


Congratulations to all of the CMS Science Fair participants all of your hard work and another successful fair!

The winner of each grade level are:

5th grade

People's Choice Award - Olivia Hooker with Myth Busters

1st Place - Landon Weiderman - Stain, stain go away

2nd place - Olivia Hooker with Myth Busters

3rd place - Hannah Cere - Organic vs Conventional Soil


6th grade


People's Choice Award - Brooke Musch - Are you smarter than a middle schooler?

1st Place - (two-way tie) Nathan Hurd - Seal the Deal AND Eric Summerville - Soil Erosion Cause

2nd place - Spencer Misner - Demystifying the Boomerang

3rd place - (three-way tie) Lindsay Melancon - Physics of Gymnastics AND Dylan Keyes - Fresh Flowers AND Owen Cornell - Which Fishing Lure Works Best


7th grade


People's Choice Award - Ella Knudsen & Hallie Matthews - Which Popcorn Pops the Fastest?

1st Place - Koen Turner & Ben Abrams - The Effect of Salt: Corrosion or No Corrosion?

2nd place - Buck Strebel - From Rubbish to Rope

3rd place - (two-way tie) Payton Narolis - Paper Towel Test AND Trevor Marsden - Natural Cleaners on Carpet Cleaners


8th grade


People's Choice Award -  Adeline Houser & Elizabeth Lucason - Will Climate Determine Whether Rocks Weather?

1st Place - Gabby Brown - Old vs New Weather Predicting

2nd place - (5 way tie) Kira Collins & Jeremy Skinner - White Noise vs. Truck Beeps AND Conner Reed - What Drink has the Most Electrolytes AND Ben Scholl & Zach Ammann - It a Rock Erode Ahead AND Adeline Houser & Elizabeth Lucason - Will Climate Determine Whether Rocks Weather? AND Zoe Scribner - Bread Flower

3rd place - (three-way tie) Ethan MacMurray - Sound Insulation AND Hannah Dote, Kassidy Gloude - Earthquake in a Box AND Cole Narolis - Salty Ice