High School Amnesty Club participates in Holiday Angel Program

High School Amnesty Club participates in Holiday Angel Program
Posted on 12/08/2016

CHS Amnesty Club: 7 Years of Holiday Angels

The Camden High School Amnesty Club participated for the 7th year in the Holiday Angel Program. The Holiday Angel Program is coordinated by ACR Health. ACR Health is a not-for-profit, community-based organization providing a range of support services to individuals with chronic diseases, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, asthma, substance use disorders, and serious mental illnesses, with the goal of positive health outcomes.

The Amnesty Club sponsored a 33 year old man with health issues purchasing gifts from the wish list that was provided by ACR Health. The club decided to purchase ALL of the items on the wish list which totaled to just over $100 and included clothing and kitchen items, as well as personal care items. The club voted on how much of their club money they would donate to put towards the gifts and Advisor Mrs. Harney made the purchases. Special thanks to LaVerna Magnant from Camden Elementary who donated a blanket and sheet set, thus assisting us with being able to complete the list and make being Holiday Angels more affordable for the club! Students came together to help with wrapping the gifts and Mrs. Harney delivered the gifts to ACR Health the first week of December.

Amnesty Club Advisor Mrs. Harney noted, “It is heart-warming to see that the students often choose to donate funds that they have raised through past fundraising efforts to local organizations that have shared passions and goals rather than spend the club funds on parties or shirts for themselves.”

Amnesty Club President Alexis Renwick stated “I think that it is great that we are able to donate to a good cause for people during the holidays; especially people who are experiencing rough times due to their health crisis.” CHS exchange student and Amnesty Club Member Anna Bruhk shared in the joy of wrapping the presents and expressed.

Donating to the Holiday Angels program ensures those suffering from AIDS, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases are thought of, loved, and can experience a joyous holiday season without the added financial stress.


Do you want to do more?

If you are interested in finding out how YOU can also be a holiday angel or give in some other way, check out their website:  www.ACRHealth.org

Or call:

Syracuse: 627 W Genesee Street, 475-2430 (Joe Maxsween x704)

Utica:287 Genesee Street : 793-0661


Who does ACR Health Help? With their expanded services to include, in addition to HIV/AIDS, other chronic diseases, the number of clients and family members we serve has expanded also. Most come to them because they lack health insurance; sometimes they have no place to live, or money for medications.


What does the CHS Amnesty Club do? The CHS Amnesty Club is a Human Rights club that has been around since 2008 and was founded by students from the Class of 2009. The club members select human rights issues to focus on each year and develop collective goals and activities towards sharing what they learn with the greater CHS community.

Holiday angels

Two members of CHS Amnesty Club, Alexis Renwick and Anna Bruhk wrapped the gifts to be donated to the ACR Holiday Angel Program.