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Policies/Procedures » Grading Rubric

Grading Rubric Grading Rubric

Students in Grades 2-5 receive a grade on their quarterly report cards. Mrs. DeLosh uses this library grading rubric in her determination of grades, as well as weekly observation of classroom behavior. Please note that not all categories are appropriate for each grade level.

Library Grading Rubric


4 – Exceeds Standard

3 – At Standard

2 – Approaching Standard

1 – Not at Standard


Student returns library books each week.

Student forgets library book only once in a marking period

Student forgets library book two times in a marking period.

Student forgets library book three times or more in a marking period.

Storytime Behavior

Student always sits quietly and attentively throughout storytime. Makes a good observation or contributes positively to the classroom learning experience.  Requires no behavior reminders throughout marking period.

Student consistently sits quietly and attentively during storytime in an upright, “criss-cross” position. Requires behavior reminders 25% of the marking period or less.

Student is sometimes disruptive during storytime and does not always pay attention. Requires reminders 50% of the time.

Student is frequently disruptive during storytime and does not pay attention. Requires behavior reminders 75% of the marking period or more.

Book Care

Student takes exemplary care of library materials.

Student practices good book care behavior.

Books returned have minor damage.

Books returned have major damage that necessitates replacement, or student loses materials.

Checkout Time

Student finds book(s), quietly stands in line to check out, then either sits and reads at the table or engages in a quiet activity. May help other classmates.

Student finds book(s), quietly stands in line to check out, then either sits and reads at the table or engages in a quiet activity such as coloring or playing on the computer.

Student needs more than the average amount of help to find book(s) or takes longer than the allotted time to find books because he/she is not paying attention. Does not sit quietly after checkout period.



Student engages in disruptive behavior during checkout, such as running or roughhousing.



Demonstrates mastery of activities supporting curriculum concepts. Effort exceeds expectations.

Accurately completes activities supporting curriculum concepts.

Student does not complete work, or has less than 65% accuracy.

Student makes minimal or no effort to do activity/worksheet.

Classroom Behavior at Tables

Student actively participates in group work and may exhibit leadership qualities. Never interrupts class.

Student does not interrupt class during instruction. Follows directions. Participates in group work at tables.

Student sometimes interrupts classroom instruction. Participates occasionally in small group work at tables.

Student frequently interrupts classroom instruction. Student does not pay attention to directions. Disruptive behavior. Does not participate in small group work at tables.

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