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Business Office

Karl R. Keil
Karl R. Keil 
Assistant Superintendent
for Business
Phone: (315) 245-1024 
Karen Jones
Karen Jones
District Treasurer
Phone: (315) 245-4086 
Melissa Yager
Melissa Yager
Payroll &
Employee Benefits
Phone: (315) 245-1024
Anne Sochia
Anne Sochia
Accounts Payable
Phone: (315) 245-4084

Five Year Capital Facilities Plan


1998 to Present Construction Summary
BOE Presentation
Building Condition Summary
Budget Vote History

Camden Administration
Camden Bus Maintenance
Camden Elementary
Camden High School
Camden Maintenance Building
Camden Middle School
Camden Roofs
McConnelsville Elementary
Construction Vote History
Enrollment Five Year Projection
Operational NYS Funding and GEA History
September 2020 Averages Historical and Projected

Tax Impact
Three Year Scope

District Records & Information

Available thru the District Office at 51 Third Street Camden New York, 13316 (315)245-1024.
Record Access Officer – Karl Keil, Assistant Superintendent for Business (315)245-1024.

Denial to receive records may be appealed to the Superintendent

Employee Benefits 

Health Insurance: Excellus BCBS: 1(877)253-4797
Dental: Delta Dental of New York: 1(800)932-0783
Vision: Davis Vision: 1(800)999-5431
Longterm Disability Insurance: Lincoln Insurance: 1(800)423-2765

NYS Comptroller's "Report Of Examination" and Corrective Action Plan

See Downloads

Safety Plan

          2020-2021 Camden District-wide Safety Plan.pdf
          Please find the District-wide Safety Plan that will be adopted at the July 7, 2020 regular board Meeting.
          Public comment is welcomed.
          Please call Business office with any comments 315-245-1024
          Thank you, Karl Keil Assistant Superintendant for Business

2019-2020 safety plan

Solar Production

Live Feed

Water Testing


The District completed the NYS required water testing for lead in their school building during July, August, and September 2016.  A total of 567 samples were collected with 68 elevated results.  The District addressed all eleveated results.   

Should you have any further questions, you may contact our District Wide Safety Coordinator, Karl Keil, at the District Office at 315-245-1024.

Lead Testing in School Drinking Water Findings

High School Lab Summary Report

Summary Elevations:
Building Summary Elevated Results
Annsville Elementary  57 0
Camden Elementary  94 1
McConnellsville Elementary  55 0
Camden Middle School 152 40
Camden High School 212 27

Camden Central School District Claims Audit Process

New York State Education Law requires a board to audit all claims before they are paid by the treasurer or appoint a claims auditor to assume the board’s powers and duties to examine and approve or disapprove claims. An effective claims audit process ensures that every claim against the district is subjected to an independent, thorough and deliberate review and that each claim contains adequate supporting documentation to determine whether the amounts claimed comply with statutory requirements and district policies and represent actual and necessary expenditures. 

Camden CSD Claims Audit Process August 2019

Comptroller Audit Review of Claims Process 2019

Complaint Procedures for Non-Public Schools
Complaints regarding equitable services for non-public schools should follow the procedures detailed at

ESSA Complaint Procedures
Please use the link below below to review the process for resolving complaints submitted to the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) Office of ESSA-Funded Programs alleging that a local educational agency (LEA), grantee or NYSED has violated a law, rule, or regulation in the administration of any “covered Federal program” under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).