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Friends of Camden

The purpose of the Friends of Camden Central School Foundation is really three-fold:

1. To create scholarships that will be large enough to have a financial impact against the costs of tuition.

2. To provide a way to honor the lives of deceased or currently living staff, students, and friends of Camden Central Schools through memorial scholarship donations.

3. To create a vital and robust fund created by the entire school community which would make a significant statement in support of the value of education, as well as benefiting worthy recipients.

To establish and continue this foundation, the members of this group solicit funds from a variety of sources. For those entities that donate $600, they are recognized on a wall in the High School foyer. Each time a gift is made, the donor's name will be acknowledged on an individual nameplate, under a plate designating the year. Each year that a total of $600 is contributed, a new nameplate will appear under the appropriate gift year.

For further information, please contact any of the Committee Members.

Committee Members

  • Steve Baker
  • Jeff Bryant
  • Dorothy Clark
  • Kate Donaleski
  • Nate Donaleski
  • Dianne Hollibaugh
  • Patti Kimball
  • Karen Newton
  • Tim O'Hara
  • Terry Schaal
  • Jamie Turner

Scholarship Recipients

  • Kaitlyn Reed Reber 2004
  • Brianne Slocum 2005
  • Jessica Sherwood Woodcock 2006
  • Destine Kimpton 2007
  • Nicole MacFarland 2008
  • Casey Walker 2009
  • Laura Blake 2010
  • Lindsey Wiehl 2011
  • Aubrey Coon 2012
  • Savannah Kessler 2013
  • Kelly Platt 2014
  • Elisabeth Wolf 2015