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College Admission Tests

In the past many colleges required the SAT or ACT as part of their admissions process. Due to recent events many colleges are altering their admissions process and are no longer requiring the SAT or ACT as part of their admission process. Please check your college's website to learn more about their particular admissions process.

Camden High School offers the following options for college-bound students:


FREE PSAT - a great opportunity to practice for the SAT. The score report is an excellent way to prep for the SAT.

Offered in early October. Students will be made aware of details in class and a parent square will be sent to parents as details are confirmed.


FREE SAT prep during the spring semester (typically prior to the May SAT date) . Dates and times will be announced and posted on this page as they come available. 

Mohawk Valley Community College also provides SAT and ACT prep courses. See the LINK below for details.

Khan Academy now partners with CollegeBoard to provide FREE SAT preparation online. See link below.

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