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McConnellsville Counseling Office


8564 State Route 13
Blossvale, New York  13308
Phone (315) 245-3412
Fax (315) 245-4193


Miss Caitlin Haggerty, School Counselor for Students

Guidance Office Overview

Individual and Group Counseling
With parent permission I provide individual and/or group counseling to students to address their social and emotional needs.  Common groups that I have are for social skills a.k.a. friendship groups and Banana Splits groups (for children whose parents are divorced/separated/no longer together).  In individual counseling we can address difficulties with controlling anger, anxiety, social skills, self esteem etc... 

Classroom Lessons
I go into every classroom throughout the year and discuss the following topics Pre-K-4.  

-Respect and Empathy-
We discuss what these two words mean, how you show them and why they are needed every day.  We work very hard to stress the importance of showing respect and empathy with everyone because we work hard to "treat others the way you want to be treated" even if you may not like the person.     
We talk about the 3 R's of bullying; Recognize, Report and Refuse. Recognize-discuss the difference between bullying and someone being mean. Report-We talk about adults that we can report bullying to throughout the building and school bus.  Refuse-How to stand up for ourselves using a strong voice and respectful words.  

-Personal Safety
During our personal safety lessons we discuss how to keep ourselves safe from harm and tricky people(people that try to lure us into unsafe situations).  We use our 3 R's from bullying (Recognize, Report, Refuse) and apply them to keeping ourselves safe.  Recognize-is it safe?  Report-tell an adult! Refuse-Say words that mean no!  

-Career Exploration-Dream Big!
At the elementary level children have a difficult time understanding why they need to come to school. In our classroom lessons we discuss how what we learn academically and socially in school will help us to one day earn a job and/or career that we enjoy in order to take care of ourselves!  At this level we explore all different types of jobs and careers and what academic needs they will require; as well as what life skills will be needed (responsibility, honesty, problem solving, organization, leadership, respect etc...).  

Connection to outside resources
Along with services mentioned above I also work with families to try to help them connect to community resources that they may need.  If you are looking for some extra support and are unsure where to start please contact me and I will do my best to help you find the services that you are in need of.  

Here are a list of services that may help you get started:
Camden Area Food Pantry: 315-245-5788

The Clothing Connection in Camden: 315-245-5758

Queen Village Taxi: 315-632-1110

Oneida County Medical Transportation: 1-855-852-3288

Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-342-3720

Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT): 315-732-6228

NYS Domestic Violence 24 hr Hotline: 1-800-942-6909

Free Parenting Classes in Rome, Oneida and Utica: 315-624-9946 ext 227