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SSAE Grant at Camden Elementary School

The Camden School District is a co-recipient of a Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant which facilitates after school modules for students in Grades K-8. All modules are taught by Camden faculty. Session 1, which starts in early January, is offered to students in grades 2-8. Session 2, which is offered from March to June, expands the age range of our program to students in grades K-8. Below is a description of what students are learning in Session 1.

International Cooking

Calling all young chefs! Students will explore the globe through cooking. Chefs will research different countries and their cultures, and keep track of their travels through passports, journals and plane tickets to each destination. Students will collaborate with fellow chefs as they create dishes from around the world!


American Girl Club


 Did you know that our area made a difference in the history of America? Are you curious about the lives of people from the past? Learn about the courage and determination of many historical figures through the American Girl series! The American Girl Club invites students to focus on literature circles, crafts and historical interpretation. Learning from texts, guest speakers  and virtual field trips, students will teach others as youth interpreters!


Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead!

Come aboard as we roll into the many areas of STEAM! During our time, we will be exploring, creating, hypothesizing, experimenting and building with hands on experiences to learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and math. Each week will bring opportunities for challenges that allow for creativity, exploration and most of all, fun!


Incredible You!“Incredible You”


Presents a wonderful opportunity for all kids to build strong minds and bodies through creative activities. Some of these activities include creating calming glitter jars, yummy healthy snacks, mindfulness, relaxing yoga, expressive painting and positive character role models. The goal fo our time together is to establish confidence and positive self-esteem and learn that their thinking can grow through coping strategies, as well as learning from their mistakes! Come join the fun, and the glitter!