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National Junior Society Inductions

On Saturday, June 12th, Camden Middle School inducted 42 members into the National Junior Honor Society.  This is an incredible group of students and we are so proud of them.
Member, Annaka Stuaring wrote this original poem to commemorate the event:



Caring for someone,
However difficult it is.
Acting with
Respect toward others.
Acting with the knowledge every
Choice you make has an effect on
Those around you.
Endlessly wondering how to
Recreate the world.


Letting others take over,
Even if you don’t want to.
Accommodating those who need help,
Dealing with problems that arise.
Eagerly taking any chance to learn.
Ready for any challenges that come.
Strategically planning, even as we’re
Handed a broken world on fire.
In it for the win, but caring for the
People that make victory possible.


School hasn’t been easy, so many
Challenges to overcome and
Having to keep our cool as the world burns. Not
Okay with everything that’s happened,
Let alone what’s in store, but
Accepting the situation,
Relying on others and ourselves.
Submitting when necessary,
However much we want to keep fighting.
Imagining success and reaching for it.
Practicing and getting as close to perfect as possible.


Sacrificing for the greater good of
Everyone. Trying to
Remember to do more, and
Viciously fighting to make things better.
Intensely devoted to
Creating and maybe not making
Everything perfect, but certainly trying.

by Annaka Stauring, 2021