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Staff Gathers For Opening Day Celebration

CAMDEN, NY - Teachers and staff members in the Camden Central School District gathered for their annual “Opening Day” celebration on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021. The program allows district staff a vital opportunity to collaborate and communicate with their peers, while also giving administration a chance to speak directly to staff district-wide about vitally important topics for the upcoming school year.

The day began with breakfast in the high school cafeteria. From there, staff members convened in the Auditorium for a full program of information and celebrations. Staff were shown a special “thank you” video for their efforts during a challenging 2020-21 school year. Ms. Melissa Roys from Connected Community Schools presented about Camden’s entry into her organization’s programs.

Additionally, the occasion also provided an opportunity to celebrate the district’s newest staff members, along with those reaching an important career milestone. The exceptional individuals who are joining the Camden School District team for the 2021-22 school year were introduced to the group, while another group of incredible staff members were honored for 25 years of dedicated service to the district.

The day also featured a flu shot clinic, and in-building sessions and room preparation.

The staff members who were recognized in the All-Staff portion at the high school are listed below.

New Instructional Staff Members
Ariana Littler, 1st Grade, Camden Elementary
Charlotte Sochia, 2nd Grade, Camden Elementary
Lauren Platt, 4th Grade, Camden Elementary
Heidi Allen, Principal, McConnellsville Elementary
Emily Fasulo, Kindergarten, McConnellsville Elementary
Crystalanne Boots, 1st Grade, McConnellsville Elementary
Emily Beach, 3rd Grade, McConnellsville Elementary
Karlene Brazie, 3rd Grade, McConnellsville Elementary
Ryan Clark, 1st Grade, McConnellsville Elementary
Alissa Barber, 4th Grade, McConnellsville Elementary
Khaya Palada, Music, Camden Middle School
Denise Robinson, 5th Grade, Camden Middle School
Adam Noyes, Special Education, Camden High School
Michael Petrie, Technology, Camden High School
Christina Brown, Physical Therapist, District-Wide

New Support Staff Members
Nicole Davis, Teacher Assistant
Kristy Barrett, Teacher Aide
Ashley Bain, School Bus Attendant
Adael Sumner, Bus Driver
Michelle Jewell, Custodian
Dr. Carriann Ray, Pre-K Parent Coordinator
Robyn Carroll, Teacher Aide
Erin Yager, Registered Professional Nurse
Kelly Smith, Registered Professional Nurse
Jennifer Smith, Teacher Aide

25 Year Award Recipients
Jamie Turner - Camden High School Math Teacher
Michele Wilcox - Camden Middle School Science Teacher
Evelyn Larkin - Camden Elementary School Reading Teacher
Rhonda Rutz - Camden High School Special Education Teacher Assistant
Sally Haines - Camden High School Special Education Teacher Assistant
Becky Ouellette - Camden Elementary School Special Education, Grades 1 and 2
Racheal Keller - Camden Elementary School 1st Grade Teacher
Amy Paul - Camden Elementary School 4th Grade Teacher
Carrie Hollis - McConnellsville Elementary School 4th Grade Teacher
Eric Bird - McConnellsville Physical Education Teacher