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Camden Celebrates Connected Community Schools Partnership

CAMDEN, NY - The Camden Central School District recently announced a partnership with Connected Community Schools. That partnership was formalized with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Camden High School on Monday, September 13th. It is in immediate effect for the 2021-22 school year. 

Connected Community Schools is a Rome, NY-based organization which combines the efforts of over 100 businesses and community-based agencies in pursuit of finding solutions to a wide-ranging array of challenges facing students, their families, and the school community.

They will help to coordinate, streamline, and deliver needed services to students and families so that students can succeed despite personal obstacles involving areas such as housing, food insecurity, medical and dental issues, and mental health. The organization has established hubs inside the school buildings to provide these services at an accessible location. 

Additionally, the organization will provide a variety of classroom programming and family engagement activities centered around the health and well-being of children in the district.

With all of these elements in play, the partnership will improve learning outcomes for students in all grade levels by eliminating barriers that can negatively affect their daily lives, and diminish focus on their educational pursuits.

Connected Community Schools program manager Danielle Famolaro expressed her excitement to get started in Camden through a recent statement. 

“The Connected Team is so excited to bring our initiative to Camden School District,” Famolaro said. “As we've seen so many times before, when a community comes together the opportunities are truly endless! As a Connected School, the district will work with our team to bring all of the resources and services from the community and hub them within the school, physically and figuratively, to ensure the needs of our students and families are met! With these service gaps filled, students will be able to engage in their education (and even enjoy it!) without the burden of unmet needs distracting from their academic, social, and emotional wellness. Through classroom programming, family engagement nights, our Community Hubs that house tangible goods and items in the school buildings, and our single point of access referral system, we will truly be CONNECTED!”

Connected Community Schools will provide a dedicated staff for the district, under the direction of executive director Melissa Roys, and Famolaro. 

The following individuals are part of the first team working with the Camden Central School District on behalf of the organization. As of this writing, they have been hard at work for our children. 

Colleen Matthews- Camden High School
(315) 731-0976 
Colleen is a Camden native, bringing a wealth of both knowledge and experience back into the community. She loves adventures in nature, her Jeep Wrangler, and laughing with friends and family. 

Melinda Graniela- Camden Middle School
(315) 749-4586 
Melinda is a New Hartford native. She is excited to bring her passion for her work, and positivity to the Camden community. She loves coffee and being a mom to her daughter and cat named mac n cheese. 

Tayler Galusha- Camden Elementary & McConnellsville Elementary
(315) 359-8585  
Tayler is a New York Mills native. She will bring her experience and passion for working with children and families to the Camden community. Outside of work, Tayler enjoys trying new food, spending time with friends and family, and traveling to new destinations.