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District Archives: Yearbooks and More!

Welcome to the Camden School District
Archives Page!

The District is in the process of re-vamping this page to provide even more context to our long history. In addition to our existing High School Yearbook Archives, we are aiming to add past yearbooks from our other grade levels, along with historical documents that showcase the story of the Camden School District. We invite everyone in our community to learn more about our journey to the realities of the present. 

Digital High School Yearbooks!
Did you attend Camden High School, or know someone that did?  If so, check out our digital yearbook archives starting from 1944! Click here to begin your journey back in time!

We will be adding the most recent editions very soon, and have also found some leads on portions of the 1943 edition. Stay tuned to our homepage for updates. 

Digital Middle School and Elementary School Yearbooks! 
Coming Soon!

Historical Documents of Interest

This 1994 study was commissioned by the Camden Board of Education, and conducted by locally operated and world renowned public opinion polling firm Zogby International. It profiles how the community viewed the state of the Camden School District in that era. In the modern context, it provides a measuring stick for understanding how the District has evolved since before the turn of the 21st century.