Give Back Day

Recently, I shared that the District will not have school on four specific days due to having an excess of emergency / snow days.  There is a change ​for one of the days. Wednesday, June 26th has been replaced by Thursday, May 23rd.

The four days that the Camden Central School District will tenatively not have school are listed below. If the District has to use an emergency day due to a loss of power or natural disaster or a late snow day, then one of the days below would be restored as a regular school day.  If needed, days will be restored in the order they are listed, or on the next listed day available as we go forward.

1. Monday, April 1 - Monday after Easter Sunday

2. Friday, April 19 - Friday before Spring Break

3. Thursday, May 23 - Thursday before Memorial Day

4. Friday, May 24 - Friday before Memorial Day

Dr. Ravo Root
Superintendent of Schools