Early Registration

Early registration is open for the Camden Central School District’s pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs for the 2024-2025 school year. 

There are no currently scheduled dates for in-person registration. To secure your child’s place in either program, please fill out the appropriate registration packet listed below and return to the Camden Central School District office. The office is located at 51 Third Street, Camden, NY 13316.

The early registration window runs from now until Friday, March 8th, 2024. While we are able to accept registrations following that date, registering early is encouraged.

The registration packets are available to view and print online at the links located below. 

In the event you are unable to print a packet, they can be picked up at any building, or mailed to you by the District upon request. 

Contact your elementary building secretary or the District office at the following phone numbers to make arrangements to receive a packet. 

Camden Elementary School (315) 245-2616

McConnellsville Elementary School (315) 245-3412

District Registrar (315) 245-4096

To return your packet and other required paperwork, you have several options.

  • Drop-off at the District Office during normal business hours. Be sure to bring the required documents with you. The District Office will provide you with photocopies of your documents upon request. 

  • Mail to the District Office at 51 Third Street, Camden, NY, 13316 with copies of required documents included.  

  • Scan and e-mail your forms and required documents to rarchibee@camdencsd.org

  • Fax your forms and required documents to 315-245-1622

District registrar Rachel Archibee can be reached for questions at (315) 245-4096.

Our pre-kindergarten program is for children who will reach their fourth birthday on or before December 1st, 2024, and reside within the boundaries of the Camden Central School District.

Pre-kindergarten is a free program currently held at McConnellsville Elementary School. Morning and afternoon sessions are offered as part of a half-day program. Students will be taught by certified teachers and assistants. Breakfast or lunch is provided along with transportation to and from school. There is a plan in place to transport pre-k students who live on Camden Elementary School bus routes to McConnellsville each day. 

Parental involvement is a key component of the program. Parents will have opportunities to participate alongside their child in and out of the classroom throughout the year. Spots are limited, so registering early is highly encouraged to ensure your child's participation. We admit students to this program on a first-come, first-serve basis. We offer three classrooms with AM and PM class cohorts. 

To register for pre-kindergarten:

  1.  Read the Pre-K registration letter.

  2.  Fill out the Pre-K registration packet along with the Pre-K wraparound form.

  3.  Along with your forms, submit the required documentation listed at the bottom of this page. 

Our kindergarten program is for children who will reach their fifth birthday on or before December 1st, 2024. As with pre-kindergarten, students are taught by certified teachers and assistants, and transportation is provided. 

In the event your child is already enrolled in the pre-kindergarten program for the 2023-24 academic year, your registration will carry over to kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year and there is no need to re-register. 

To register for kindergarten: 

 1. Read the Kindergarten Registration Letter.

2. Fill out the kindergarten registration packet along with the kindergarten wraparound form.

3. Along with your forms, submit the required documentation listed at the bottom of this page.


Please plan ahead - the following documents are REQUIRED for each student being enrolled:

Birth Certificate (and/or other satisfactory documents [refer to page 5 of the basic enrollment packet for list of acceptable documents]) - It is NOT necessary to provide a social security card if your student(s) is in elementary and/or middle school. If may be required at the high school level.

DSS-2999 - Form must be completed if the student is in foster care.

Immunization Record - Required immunizations are listed in the packets. 

Custody Decree bearing a judge's signature, if parents are divorced OR if the student resides with someone other than the biological parent (i.e., aunt/uncle/grandparents, other family members, etc.).

Proof of Residency (upon request District officials may ask you to furnish verification that the address listed on enrollment forms is your actual place of residence). It is always a good idea to bring along proof at the time of enrollment.

More helpful information may be available on our registration webpage.