Rachel Archibee

Central Registration Office:

Mrs. Rachel Archibee
Camden Central Schools
District Office 
51 Third St.
Camden, New York 13316 

Phone: (315)245-4096
Fax: (315)245-1622


For your convenience, we offer centralized registration. You can receive the necessary forms to register your child via mail, email, or fax. You can also make arrangements to receive them in person at the District Office. Fill the packet out at home, and return it with the necessary documentation to the District office. If you need any photocopies of your registration documents made, they are available upon request. 


To enroll your children, you must complete one registration packet per child. If you are enrolling your child in either the Pre-K program and/or Kindergarten, there are separate packets for each level that are different than the enrollment packet. Please refer to the applicable file for each (Universal Pre-K enrollment packet or Kindergarten packet). [Additionally, you will also need to download the coverlet pages (or, "wraparound") for each respective packet.]

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS   Please plan ahead- the following documents are REQUIRED for each student being enrolled:

  • Birth Certificate (and/or other satisfactory documents [refer to page 5 of the basic enrollment packet for list of acceptable documents]) - It is NOT necessary to provide a social security card if your student(s) is in elementary and/or middle school. If may be required at the high school level.

  • DSS-2999 Form if in foster care.

  • Immunization Record

  • Custody Decree bearing a judge's signature, if parents are divorced OR if the student resides with someone other than the biological parent (i.e., aunt/uncle/grandparents, other family members, etc.).

  • Proof of Residency (upon request District officials may ask you to furnish verification that the address listed on enrollment forms is your actual place of residence). It is always a good idea to bring along proof at the time of enrollment.


We are accepting Pre-K registration packets for children who will be 4 on or before December 1, 2024. The packets can be picked up at the Registrar's Office located in the Administration Building .

The Camden Central School District offers free Universal Pre-K to district residents. Children in our program develop the language, literacy, math, and social skills they need for success in kindergarten. Breakfast or lunch is provided, as well as transportation.

This program admits students on a first-come, first-serve basis for registration.

2024-25 Pre-K Letter

2024-25 Pre-K Registration

2024-25 Pre-K Wrap Around 


Each child admitted to kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year should reach his/her 5th birthday on or before December 1, 2024.

If your child is currently enrolled in Camden Central School District's Universal Pre-Kindergarten program, he or she will NOT need to register for kindergarten.

2024-25 Kindergarten Letter

2024-25 Kindergarten Registration

2024-25 Kindergarten Wrap Around


Grades 1-12 Registration Packet

Grade 5-8 Middle School Music- Foreign Language Questionnaire

Student Athletic Participation Form

Special Education Form for IEP & 504


Change of Address Form: (NEW HOME)

Change of Transportation Form: ONLY have changes to the pick-up and/or drop-off points [change in babysitter, etc.]