CCSD Staff can now order their lunch online!

The Camden Central School District is pleased to announce that it is now accepting online lunch orders for staff members.

Orders from our online menu must be placed by a deadline of 9 a.m. on the day you intend to pick up your order.
You may place an order ahead of time, just be sure to select the appropriate pickup date when prompted to do so.

Orders must be paid for and picked up at the building of your choice in a similar fashion to our recently distributed paper form.

Wraps and Salads will cost six dollars each. Parfaits will cost five dollars each.
More options may be available in the future.

Getting Started

Click here to open the online order form - This form is only accessible from Camden CSD Email Accounts. Feel free to bookmark it in your browser for easy access!

Once you are in the online order form, fill in some basic contact information and proceed to our menu. The menu is multiple pages, but you can easily move from category to category using the "Back" and "Next" buttons on the bottom of the page.

Each page contains a separate category of items for you to choose from and customize. The first page is for salads and dressings, the second page is for wraps with customizable toppings, and the third page is for our parfait options. You can order an item from one list, or from multiple lists.

Once you're happy with your selections, move on to the last page of the form, which will ask you to indicate any special requests or dietary restrictions our kitchens should be aware of. Click "Submit" on that page, and your order will be on its way to our kitchens. Pick up and pay for your order in your selected building at your normal lunch time.

You will receive an automatically-generated confirmation email. If you make a mistake and need to make a change to your order, there is an edit link in that email. Please use that edit link to change your order if needed. Please do not submit a second form to make alterations to an existing order. 

Ordering for more than one person? The form can be used multiple times if needed for that purpose. To order more than one salad, more than one wrap, or more than one parfait, simply do the form a second time and tell the kitchen you have two orders when you arrive.