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Nestled in the heart of Central New York, is the picturesque town of Camden. Often referred to as the Queen Village, this town is home to the Camden Central School District. The Camden community prides itself in providing a quality education in a safe, small-town environment. Our district encompasses the towns of Camden, Osceola, McConnellsville, North Bay, Annsville, Florence, and Vienna. Family life is important to our community. The friendly citizens and small town atmospheres make Camden area a wonderful place to raise a family.

The beauty of the region stimulates the spirit of the community. The lakes, streams, forest, pure water, stable economic and political climate, as well as, its rich heritage, help make Camden indeed the Queen Village. Area residents are extremely proud of their school district. Dedicated civic groups lend community support, making Camden a community committed to educating its youth.

The Camden Central School District is known throughout central New York for its progressive programs, vision for the future, and modern facilities. The District is comprised of two K-4 elementary schools, a 5-8 middle school, and a 9-12 high school. Enrollment of pre-kindergarten thru grade 12 is approximately 2,500 students and is served by 250 professional staff and 200 support staff

Dedicated Faculty

An experienced and dedicated teaching staff is at the heart of the educational program. Eighty-three percent of our faculty have earned a masters degree while seventeen percent have earned 30 or more hours beyond the MA. The typical teacher has ten years of teaching experience. A number of Camden teachers are leaders in their professional organizations and give presentations at educational conferences.

Challenging Curriculum

A strong academic program is the foundation of the learner-focused curriculum at Camden Central School District. The various programs of study provide challenge and enrichment to satisfy diverse student needs. In four years, a student is required to take at least 22 credits in six essential curriculum areas. In addition to courses required to meet graduation requirements, students can choose from a wide array of electives in Art, Music, Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology and World Languages.

Classes in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science and World Languages are designed to meet the needs of all students. Students with learning difficulties will find help through a multidisciplinary approach and, with parental involvement, each student is educated within an environment most conducive to that individual student's needs. Honors and accelerated courses challenge gifted students in preparation for university work. Advanced Placement or college level courses are offered in many academic departments. 

Excellent Learning Environment

Visitors to Camden Central School District comment on the friendly yet professional atmosphere of the various schools. Clean and beautifully maintained facilities provide an inviting environment for a successful teaching and learning experience. 

Camden students learn to respect each other and to develop a sense of social as well as personal responsibility.

Strong Community

Camden (The Queen Village) is located in the heart of Central New York. It is a convenient 15-minute ride from beautiful Oneida Lake. The Camden school district is one of the largest geographically in New York state.

Impressive History

First settled in 1792, the Camden community at large takes pride in its past achievements and has faith in its future. More importantly it has developed a strong commitment to academic achievement for all its students. 

Thousands of students have gone on to graduate from Camden High School and have left their mark in hundreds of fields of endeavor including the arts, business, diplomacy, environmental studies, government, law, literature and television all over the globe.

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