The Camden Central School District art department is pleased to announce its 2023 K-12 Art Show award winners. Honorees were selected from the work displayed at the show, held on Wednesday, May 10th at Camden High School. 

 A total of 20 winners were selected among various categories, grade levels, and disciplines. Administrators and staff served as the judges for selected awards, while members of the public had the opportunity to have their voice heard via the “people’s choice awards” vote. 

Hundreds of community members attended the show, with long lines forming to enter the building. The evening included a silent auction, the senior show, and a display from the 2023 “Outstanding Junior Artist” award winner, Bailey Sharron. 

Department chairperson Amy Andrews was thrilled by the community’s continued support of student art.

“The turnout amazes me every year,” Andrews said.  “I am so grateful for the support from our community. It's a beautiful thing!”

The show’s selected winners are listed below. 

Eli Parker “Unsung Hero” Art Award 

“Figure Drawing” - Caleb Doran, Grade 8 

Superintendent’s Award 

“Ceramic Vase” - Marjorie Castilla, Grade 12 

Overall People’s Choice Award 

“Graphite Portrait” - Dolmae Honrales, Grade 10

High School Principal’s Award 

“Graphite Portrait” - Ella Knudsen, Grade 11 

Camden Middle School’s Principal’s Award 
“Fun Portrait” - Clara Terrier, Grade 6 

Camden Elementary Principal’s Award 
“Oil Pastel Flower” - Sophia Fuller, Grade 3 
“Monochromatic Watercolor” -  Liam Finan, Grade 3

McConnellsville Principal’s Award
“Warm/Cool Hands” - Mollie Vaillancourt, Grade 2

High School People’s Choice Awards:
First Place: “Pastel Shark” - Jojo Thorn, Grade 10
Second Place: “Graphite Portrait” - Emma Watson, Grade 10
Third Place “Red Panda with Words” - Malaya Philpott, Grade 10 

Middle School (6th-8th) People’s Choice Awards:
First Place: “Free Drawings” - Addyson Schulz, Grade 6 
Second Place: “One Point Perspective Shapes” - Zeke Henderson, Grade 6
Third Place: “Figure Drawing” - Kelsey Baughan, Grade 8

3rd-5th People’s Choice Awards:
First Place: “Free Drawings” - Naiara Nottingham, Grade 5
Second Place: “Mixed Media” - Hayden Nobis, Grade 4
Third Place: “Clay Totem Pole” - Oliver Geer, Grade 3

K-2nd People’s Choice Awards:
First Place: “Love Monster” - Delilah Fannin, Kindergarten
Second Place: “Cherry Blossom Tree Branches” - Hailey Hollingsworth, Grade 2
Third Place: “Cherry Blossom Tree Branches” - Daniella Spellicy, Grade 2