Students with Mr. Hickey and Dr. Root

Ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, the Camden Central School District administrative offices have a few new pieces of patriotic artwork on display.

Mr. Thomas Hickey’s technology elective class at Camden Middle School recently constructed wall-hung American flags out of pine, cherry, and walnut wood, and donated two of them to the District Office on Friday, May 19th. 

Students were inspired to pursue the project by a painted American Flag they saw. They wanted to make one themselves and take the project to the next level by using skills they’ve learned in class.

They milled the wood, clamped stripes together, cut out and installed the blue portion, and cut out and painted the stars. Along the way, they learned to use new machinery including a radial arm saw, planer, belt sander, and orbital sander. They also decided to enhance the project by framing the flag in with a border. 

The class finished their project with a few coats of urethane finish, which they fine sanded between coats. They each took home a finished project for themselves, while also gifting two flags to District Administration. One was for the common area of the District Office, while the other was given to Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Ravo Root. 

Many skills were utilized, and many new ones were learned throughout this exciting project that students can use at home, or for the foundation of a career. We salute these students and their teacher for taking the initiative to create something great and executing their vision to the finest detail. 

Pictured from left to right in the photo above are: Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ravo Root, Isabella Vollmer, Evan Buckingham, Hayden Riley, and technology teacher Mr. Thomas Hickey.
Absent from the photo from this class was Andrew Britchge.